Pusat Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru

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Admission Requirements
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1. Not more than 40 years old at the start of the Specialist Doctor Education Program - PPDS (January 1 for the Even Semester selection period and July 1 for the Odd Semester selection period), except for lecturers at the Medical Faculty Universitas Airlangga. A valid personal identification card (National card/License/Passport). *jpg / *pdf
2. A Grade Point Average (GPA) for a medical bachelors program ≥ 2,50 ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT ≥ 2,50. *jpg / *pdf
3. A Grade Point Average (GPA) for a Professional Medical Program ≥ 2,75 ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT ≥ 2,75. *jpg / *pdf
4. An ELPT Certificate with a score of ≥ 450 from Airlangga's Pusat Bahasa or a TOEFL Certificate with a score of ≥ 450 from an established institution. ELPT Certificate / TOEFL with a score of ≥ 450 from Airlangga's Pusat Bahasa or from an established institution.  *jpg / *pdf
5. The Applicant must have good sight, does not suffer from color-blindness (complete or partial), proven by a statement from an eye doctor. A letter stating competent sight, lack of colorblindness (total or partial) from a doctor.  *jpg / *pdf
6. Have a valid STR A valid STR *jpg / *pdf
7. Willing to publish, at least in accredited national journals during education    

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