Pusat Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru

Toward World Class University




No Study Programs Faculty National Accreditation International Accreditation Website
1 Basic Medical Science Medical A ASIIN view
2 Reproductive Health Program Medical A - view
3 Tropical Medicine Medical A ASIIN view
4 Sport Health Medical A - view
5 Medical Education Medical Good - view
6 Dental Medicine Dentistry A - view
7 Laws Law Excellent FIBAA view
8 Notary Law B - view
9 Accountancy Economic and Bussiness Excellent ABEST21, FIBAA view
10 Economics Economic and Bussiness Excellent ABEST21, FIBAA view
11 Magister Management Economic and Bussiness Excellent ABEST21, FIBAA view
12 Sains Management Economic and Bussiness Excellent ABEST21, FIBAA view
13 Islamic Economics Science Economic and Bussiness Excellent ABEST21, FIBAA view
14 Clinical Pharmacy Pharmacy A - view
15 Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy Excellent - view
16 Veterinary Agribusiness Veterinary Excellent - view
17 Reproductive Biology  Veterinary A - view
18 Veterinary Disease & Veterinary Public Health Veterinary Excellent - view
19 Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutic Veterinary Excellent - view
20 International Relations  Political and Social Sciences B ASIC view
21 Political Science Political and Social Sciences B ASIC view
22 Public Policy Political and Social Sciences A ASIC view
23 Media and Communications Political and Social Sciences Excellent ASIC view
24 Sociology Political and Social Sciences Very Good ASIC view
25 Information Science and Library Political and Social Sciences On Process - view
26 Biology Science and Technology A - view
27 Chemistry Science and Technology Excellent - view
28 Biomedical Engineering Science and Technology Very Good - view
29 Mathematics Science and Technology Good - view
30 Health Policy and Administration Public Health Excellent - view
31 Epidemiology Public Health Excellent - view
32 Occupational Health and Safety Public Health Excellent - view
33 Environmental Health Public Health Excellent - view
34 Public Health Public Health A - view
35 Literary and Cultural Studies Humanities B - view
36 Linguistics Humanities Excellent FIBAA view
37 Psychology  Psychology A AUN view
38 Applied Psychology Psychology B AUN view
39 Nursing Nursing Excellent ASIIN view
40 Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology Fishery and Marine Excellent - view
41 Fisheries Sciences Fishery and Marine Very Good - view
42 Forensic Sciences Postgraduate School A - view
43 Immunology Postgraduate School A - view
44 Police Science Study Postgraduate School Very Good - view
45 Disaster Management Postgraduate School Very Good - view
46 Human Resources Development Postgraduate School A ABEST21 view
47 Science Law and Development  Postgraduate School A - view
48 Health Economics Postgraduate School Good - view


*If there are differences in the status of accreditation of study programs on this website, the list of accreditation on the BPM-Airlangga's website will be applied.

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