Pusat Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru

Toward World Class University



Admission Requirements
Registration Documents (Online Documents)
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1. No more than 35 at the start of the Specialist Doctor Education Program - PPDS (January 1 for the Even Semester selection period and July 1 for the Odd Semester selection period). A valid Personal Identification card (National Card/License/Passport) *jpg / *pdf
2. A Grade Point Average (GPA) for a Bachelors Medical program > 2,75 ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT ≥ 2,75. *jpg / *pdf
3. A Grade Point Average (GPA) for a Professional Medical Program > 3,00 ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT ≥ 3,00 *jpg / *pdf
4. An ELPT Certificate with a score of > 450 from UNAIR's Pusat Bahasa or a TOEFL certificate with a score of > 450 from an established institution.  ELPT Certificate / TOEFL Certificate with a score of ≥ 450 from Airlangga's Pusat Bahasa or an established institution. *jpg / *pdf
5. Provide either one of the following certificates: ATLS/ACLS/EIMED. ATLS/ACLS/EIMED Certificate *jpg / *pdf
6. Applicants are given a maximum of three chances to apply for this program.    
7. Have Medical Insurance Card of Medical Insurance  *jpg / *pdf 
8. Have a mental competency/mental health package test (psychological test, MMPI, and interview) performed by Dr. Soetomo's Department of Psychiatry at RSUD that is still valid (test results are valid for the next 12 months).  The results of a mental evaluation procured by RSUD Dr. Soetomo in the last 12 months. (Psychological Evaluation, MMPI, and interview).  *jpg / *pdf 

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