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No Faculty Study Program National Accreditationl International Accreditation Website
1 Medical Midwifery A AUN, ASIIN view
2 Medical Medical A AUN, ASIIN view
3 Dentistry Dentistry A AUN, ASIIN view
4 Pharmachy Pharmachy Excellent AUN, ASIIN view
5 Veterinary Veterinary Medicine A AUN, ASIIN view
6 Veterinary Veterinary Medicine (PSDKU Banyuwangi) B - view
7 Science & Technology Mathematics Excellence  ASIIN view
8 Science & Technology Information Systems A - view
9 Science & Technology Statistics A - view
10 Science & Technology Chemistry Excellence  AUN, ASIIN View
11 Science & Technology Biology Excellence  AUN, ASIIN view
12 Science & Technology Environmental Engineering A - view
13 Science & Technology Physic Excellence  ASIIN view
14 Science & Technology Biomedics Engineering A - view
15 Public Health Public Health A APHEA, AUN view
16 Public Health Nutritional A - view
17 Public Health Public Health (PSDKU Banyuwangi) B - view
18 Nursing Nursing A AUN, ASIIN View
19 Marine & Fisheries Aquaculture Excellence  AUN, ASIIN View
20 Marine & Fisheries Aquaculture (PSDKU Banyuwangi) B - View
21 Marine & Fisheries Technology of Fishery Product B - View


Advanced Technology and Multidisciplinary

Industrial Engineering Minimum - View


Advanced Technology and Multidisciplinary

Electrical Engineering Minimum - View


Advanced Technology and Multidisciplinary

Nanotechnology Engineering Minimum - View


Advanced Technology and Multidisciplinary

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineerin Minimum - View


Advanced Technology and Multidisciplinary

Data Science Technology Minimum - View




No Faculty Study Program National Accreditation International Accreditation Website
1 Law Law Excellent FIBAA, AUN View
2 Economic and Bussiness Accounting A ABEST21, AUN View
3 Economic and Bussiness Management A ABEST21, AUN View
4 Economic and Bussiness Development Economics A ABEST21, AUN View
5 Economic and Bussiness Islamic Economics A ABEST21 View
6 Economic and Bussiness Accounting (PSDKU Banyuwangi B - View
7 Political and Social Sciences Public Administration Excellent ASIC View
8 Political and Social Sciences International Relations Excellent ASIC View
9 Political and Social Sciences Political Science A ASIC View
10 Political and Social Sciences Sociology A ASIC View
11 Political and Social Sciences Communication Sciences A ASIC, AUN View
12 Political and Social Sciences Information and Library Sciences Excellent ASIC View
13 Political and Social Sciences Anthropology A ASIC View
14 Psychology Psychology Excellent FIBAA, AUN View
15 Humanities Indonesian Literature A - View
16 Humanities English Literature A ASIC, AUN View
17 Humanities History A - View
18 Humanities Japanese Studies A - View




Faculty Group Study Program National Accreditation Website
Medical IPA Midwifery A view
Nursing IPA Nursing A view


*If there are differences in the status of accreditation of study programs on this website, the list of accreditation on the BPM-Airlangga's website will be applied.

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