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Questions often asked by Applicants from the Independent (Mandiri) Registration pathway of 2019.  

1.      Where are the Admission Exams held?

Answer : The Admission Exams for the Independent (Mandiri) Registration Pathway are held only in Surabaya.

2.       Why is my high school not listed as one of the options on the Registration Form online?

Answer : If your high school is not listed, please email info@ppmb.unair.ac.id your school name, city, province and country.

3.       Can I still apply even when my high school degree has yet to be released?

Answer : 2019 Graduates can use a Letter of Statement stating an individual's official graduation (SKL or Surat Keterangan Lulus) from his/her high school accompanied by the institution's official stamp.

4.       How do I fill in the form when I only have UTBK scores from the Sciences Exam? 

Answer : Leave the score column blank and fill according to the UTBK Exams you took.

5.       Which scores do I put in if I have two UTBK Scores? 

Answer : Pick the highest scores to be placed in the Application form.  

For further inquiries, don't hesitate to email us at:info@ppmb.unair.ac.id

Thank you.

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