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  • 1507,2019

    Selection Proccess through Independent (mandiri) Entrance for Undergraduate program of 2019 - 2nd Round

    Open Admission for UNAIR Freshmen Application of 2019 through the Independent (mandiri) Registration or 2019 State University National Entrance Exam (SBMPTN) for any academic program can be seen below:

    1 Midwifery 5 Yes Yes
    2 Development Economic 5 Yes Yes
    3 Management 7 No Yes
    4 Islamic Economic 6 No Yes
    5 Accounting (PSDKU Banyuwangi) 6 Yes Yes
    6 Veterinary 11 Yes Yes
    7 International Relations 4 No Yes
    8 Physic 5 Yes Yes
    9 Biology 9 Yes Yes
    10 Environmental Engineering 7 No Yes
    11 Public Health 18 No Yes
    12 Public Health (PSDKU Banyuwangi) 4 Yes Yes
    13 Psychology 7 No Yes
    14 Japanese Studies 7 Yes Yes
    15 Indonesian Literature 23 Yes Yes
    16 Nursing 13 Yes Yes
    17 Aquacultulre 10 Yes Yes
    18 Aquacultulre (PSDKU Banyuwangi) 8 Yes Yes
    19 Technology of Fishery Product 9 Yes Yes

    Term and Conditions :

    1. Applicants for the Independent Registration of 2019 University National Entrance Exam (SBMPTN) that are applying for UNAIR’s Academic Program
    2. Applicants can only choose 1 Academic program (can be different from the previous chosen Academic program from the previous Independent Registration/2019 University National Entrance Exam (SBMPTN))
    3. This admission process will be considered are admission through the independent registration (mandiri)
    4. Applications for Special Aims (Bidik Misi) candidates can be considered as a Special Aims (Bidik Misi) Applications for certain Academic programs.

    UNAIR will begin accepting admission from 16 July 2019 at 00:01 am until 17:00 pm, Surabaya Time.

    Online Registration Here


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