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  • 1001,2020

    Committee expect more rector candidates to register

    UNAIR NEWS – The first in dissemination agenda for Candidates Selection for 2020-2025 Universitas Airlangga Rector was held on Monday, January 6, 2020 in the 301 Meeting Room, Kahuripan Building, 3rd Floor, Campus C, UNAIR Management Office. Chairman of Rector Candidate Selection Committee (PSCR) Prof. Dr. Suryanto, M.Si., Psychologist, hoped that there will be many prospective rector candidates.

    “Today (Monday, ed) is the first agenda for the selection of prospective rector for 2022-2025 to the faculty leaders and faculty council,” he said in front of the media.

    Regarding the number of candidates, Prof. Suryanto said that his team did not set a specific target. Most importantly, the candidates are able to show and give their best contribution to the progress of Universitas Airlangga.

    “As long as he (the candidate, ed) is able to contribute well to UNAIR, this is the main thing,” he said.

    Prof. Suryanto revealed, regarding the prospective foreign rector, UNAIR through the regulation or statutes had made it clear. Three requirements to be prospective rectors are being permanent lecturer, a doctorate degree and civil servant status.

    “If you look at the regulation, yes he (prospective rector, ed) must be permanent lecturer, and civil servant. Plus, he has doctorate degree, “he said.

    Regarding the basic regulation and details of rector selection, said Prof. Suryanto, the public and academicians can see all of it through pilrek.unair.ac.id page, including the stages of the selection.

    The next stage, said Prof. Suryanto, the committee tried to attract more candidates. After that, best three candidates will be chosen by the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees (MWA) UNAIR.

    “The three names will later go through the campus community test, by explaining their vision and missions, “he said.

    The Chairman of the Academic Senate Prof. Djoko Santoso dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD.K-GH.FINASIM., explained that the registration for the rector candidates will be opened on January 20-30, 2020. Hopefully, through this good process, UNAIR rector candidates will continue to put forward devotion, remain serving the community, in the future.

    ” Hopefully, the rector for 2020-2025 will continue to serve even though he is the number one person at Universitas Airlangga. As the executive, the rector must be in the position of servitude, who remain devoted and humble, master general management in the level of education, research, and community service, “he stated. (*)

    Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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